Apr 17, 2014 9:59 PM by Lupita Murillo, Clarissa Castro

Missing teen found with the help of a News 4 Tucson viewer

TUCSON - Missing teen Esperanza Casillas has been found with the help of News 4 viewer, Jeff Lennon.

Casillas was reported as a runaway on April 15th after she didn't show up at school.

Lennon was out walking his dog at Manzanita Park when he spotted two girls sitting under a tree. He became suspicious since Pistor Middle School was only a few blocks away and he figured these girls should have been in school.

He and his golden retriever, Jake, who first spotted the girls, walked a little closer to where they were sitting. Once Lennon was able to see the girls' faces, he recognized Casillas from the story on News 4 Tucson's "Tucson Today".

Lennon said, "She was sitting talking to whoever she was with, just having a nice chat." He also said, "It was better not to address the situation up close but to handle it from afar." So, Lennon made the decision to simply call 911 and alert the police after spotting the girls.

As a paramedic and a parent, he says all he could think about were the girl's parents and that he was glad he could help bring Esperanza home safe.


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