Jul 17, 2012 5:30 PM

Midtown residents sweat while crews work to restore power

TUCSON - Landscapers around town are still cleaning up the mess Mother Nature left behind while TEP crews work around the clock repairing downed power lines near Oracle and Wetmore.

Traffic is still slow along this stretch of road, making it tough for customers to access nearby businesses like the nearby CVS.

It's a similar scene on Roger Road as TEP tries to fix several more poles and bring people in this apartment complex some relief.

People living at Shadow Pines off Roger Road and First Avenue are having a tough time because of those downed power lines. They're still on generators, and could be until the end of the week; that means little to no air conditioning.

"I'm pretty hot," said Shadow Pines resident Kelli Hamilton with a laugh. "I'm miserable."

"I'm sweatin' to death so I try to go to sleep - I make sure I go to sleep - but sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night sweating," said resident Amanda Deshler.

Until the poles are back online, the generator will continue providing whatever power it can to the complex's 99 units. In the meantime, residents are doing whatever they can to beat the heat.
That includes a dip in "Silverbell Lake, and showers are good, cold showers," said Hamilton with another laugh, "to cool off so and you know swimming and stuff like that to pass the time away."


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