Nov 18, 2013 9:10 PM by Erika Flores

Midtown business owners frustrated with taggers

TUCSON - Taggers targeted midtown sometime overnight. Everything from bus stops to businesses were covered in graffiti.

About 20 to 30 tags can be seen along Tucson Boulevard between Grant and Speedway.

Also, three businesses were hit pretty hard on Grant Road just east of Tucson Boulevard.

The owner of Plumbing Suppliers, Inc. said his property has been tagged three times already.

The owner said he installed lights in the area where his property gets the most graffiti to deter tagging but that didn't work.

He's frustrated because Grant Road is a busy street and yet taggers are getting away with it.

He said he's had this business for four and a half years and said year after year it keeps getting worse.

Every time his property is tagged it costs more than one hundred dollars to fix.

"I come in from the east side of the building which they hit," Ryan Ashton, Plumbing Suppliers, Inc owner. "(That) really got me because we just painted this building about nine months ago the whole building from top to bottom, and then I came around the corner and they hit our fence right here."

He said his business gets tagged three or four times a year.

Other businesses in the area said they are also frustrated with this problem.

They have contacted Tucson police and the city to report the tagging.

A Tucson Police spokesperson tells News 4 Tucson the tagging from overnight is not gang related.

Here is a link to Tucson's graffiti removal program in case you need to report graffiti.


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