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Jun 13, 2012 9:40 PM

Mexican police arrest two men for murder of well-known physician

NOGALES - New details on the murder of a well-known physician on Main Street in Nogales Sonora.

Dr. Armando Flores was killed Monday night, five blocks from the U.S. border. His medical practice was in Nogales, Sonora but he lived in Nogales, Arizona. Two men are in custody charged with his death.

People who live on the street where he lived are shocked over the murder of their neighbor. They say he was a well respected doctor.

Sonia Ramirez says, "He was an excellent doctor, excellent person a very friendly person and also the family is very nice."

Legal records show Dr. Flores and his wife purchased the house in 1999. Sheriff Tony Estrada says it's a tragedy.

"They just don't stop at anything they're cruel and their vicious they don't care about human life," he said.

Mexican investigators say Dr. Flores was confronted by two gunmen as he got out of his car and was shot several times.

The investigators say it was a robbery.

Police arrested 23-year-old Abraham Covarrubias and 23-year-old Francisco Salazar.

There's speculation the suspects may have been in a group trying to extort money from businesses. Sheriff Estrada says such a group does exist and "extortion is one of the other things that they are doing across the line to provide protection, and if they don't go along obviously they will either damage their business or kidnap them or hurt them one way or another."

Funeral services were held Wednesday for Dr. Flores in Nogales, Sonora.


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