Jun 3, 2011 12:14 AM

Mexican-American studies supporters call for superintendent's resignation

TUCSON - A press conference held by the litigants of the Mexican-American Studies battle called for the resignation of Tucson Unified School District Superintendent John Pedicone.

The group consists of Mexican-American Studies supporters, some of which are TUSD faculty. They said Thursday that they give Dr. Pedicone a failing grade for his job thus far.

"Dr. Pedicone must be held accountable for his actions, the treatment of his teachers and the community he was chosen to serve. He must resign," M.A.S. Instructor Curtis Acosta said.

Earlier Thursday afternoon, Dr. Pedicone held a press conference of his own at TUSD headquarters for his "State of the District" address. He did respond to the call for resignation, saying that he tried to open a dialogue with them, but that they were unwilling to compromise.

Pedicone also says while this job has been tougher than he imagined, he is not giving up.

"It's 11 individuals who are doing this probably strategically for other reasons, and that's up to them. Leadership is hard, we're making hard decisions and therefore you're not going to be popular and I can deal with that. That's what leadership is all about," Pedicone said.

Dr. Pedicone said they will now have to wait for the report from the state on the studies review to come back, which he expects some time next week.


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