Feb 26, 2014 12:37 PM by Rebecca Taylor

Men's group holds fundraiser against SB 1062

TUCSON - Senate Bill 1062 would allow business owners with strongly held religious beliefs to refuse service to anyone, including gays. In Tucson a gay men's group held a fundraiser to aid in fighting the bill.

It took place at Junxion bar in downtown. The group called G3 holds a monthly happy hour. This time they were joined by dozens of Tucsonans against the bill.

Opponents of 1062 filled the bar, outside a march calling for the senate bill to be vetoed.

Pete King says if it's passed everyone in Arizona could be impacted including the gay community.

"I think Arizona has egg on its face," says King, "other people that could be effected by this such as single mothers who are unmarried, or people who are divorced, people who have had affairs."

Wendell Hicks says, "The law does not specify that this is to discriminate against LGBT people, but if you listen to the lawmakers it's clear, that's their intent."

Some in favor of the bill, say the gay community has "hijacked" it's true meaning and misrepresents what 1062 aims to do. On KVOA.com viewers are sharing their thoughts via Facebook.

Darrel Murray says, "businesses should have the final say to reserve the right to refuse service to anyone they choose not to serve and especially if it involves one's religious beliefs. It is the owner's business, not the gays, Muslims or other people they would choose not to serve."

Steve Adcock says, "private businesses should have the ability to operate their business however they see fit. Let the free market decide whether those decisions have economic consequences or not. More government regulation is the last thing our town needs."

The manager of Junxion bar is donating 100 percent of Tuesday's profits for printing and promotional needs, to fight the bill.

Andrew Sommers says, "Any dollar that comes in over the bar, all the bar tender tips, time of my door staff, and security is all donated to help get a veto of this ridiculous bill."

The event raised more than $2,000 Tuesday night.

Governor Jan Brewer is expected to sit down with both sides this week and either sign or veto the bill by the weekend.

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