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Apr 5, 2011 5:28 PM

Meet Me at Maynards celebrates anniversary

TUCSON - On Monday thousands are expected downtown to celebrate the second anniversary of an event that many say has helped revitalize downtown Tucson.

It's called Meet Me at Maynards.

Jannie Cox, the event's organizer, says it happens, "5 o'clock any Monday rain or shine, hot or cold, holidays included."

Then hundreds walk or run 2, 3 or 4 mile routes through downtown Tucson starting at Maynards.

Cox says, "Bring your dog, bring your kids in a stroller and enjoy the walk and the beautiful weather."

Cox started Meet Me at Maynards two years ago. She says the idea is to exercise, then stick around to discover downtown.

Cox says, "Every walker has a list of places where they can get discounts after their walk. We have 16 participating restaurants."

Todd Hanley, the general manager and owner of Maynards, says, "Walk, run, then come back and drink beer. What more can you ask for?"

Participant Josh Loschner says, "It's a great time. It's my Monday tradition. I couldn't live without this place."

Participant Alicia Heiserer says, "I've been down here 86 times myself in the 2 years. And just to see the faces that you come across and {ask} ‘hey, what's going on, how's life'."

Michael Keith, CEO of the Downtown Tucson Partnership says, "It's been huge for downtown. Thousands of people have come down that weren't familiar with downtown."

Keith says Maynards Monday night walks and runs have helped revitalize downtown.

He says, "These kinds of events expose people to what's happening downtown in a way you can't do if you're just putting out advertisements or writing articles. They see what's happening, they can feel what's happening, they realize it's safe."

There's information about Monday's second anniversary party at


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