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Aug 25, 2010 7:10 PM

Medical marijuana on November ballot

TUCSON - For 30 years Tom Maza has been relying on marijuana to relieve his pain and said this coming November he's hoping Proposition 203, which legalizes marijuana for medicinal purposes will finally be implemented.

"It would change my life dramatically with just the medical aspect of it being legalized, because as a person who is diagnosed with HIV in 1985 back when there wasn't a single pill for that, it was something at that time that just kept me going,"said Maza.

Maza said living with HIV is taking a toll on his body, therefore giving the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act the green light will allow him to live a pain free life.

"Marijuana has by its ability to open up vascular blood vessels, it makes it go away basically and keeps it away,"said Maza.

But others said they have their reservations when it comes to legalizing marijuana.

"Thats my main concern that it would be abused then lead to heavier drugs possibly down the road. They start with marijuana then start to other things,"said Terry Sparks.

Proposition 203 will be on the ballot for the Arizona General Election on November 2nd.


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