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Sep 6, 2013 12:42 AM by Sam Salzwedel

McCain faces hostile crowd at town hall

TUCSON - Senator John McCain faced a hostile crowd at a town hall meeting Thursday.

Almost all of the focus was on Syria. McCain believes his constituents are not fully informed on the issue.

"People like me have to come to the people we represent and have a conversation with them," McCain said, "and try to get all the facts out in front of them."

McCain said it is more than just a civil war, and other countries are supplying the armies with weapons.

"This is a situation that, in my view, can deteriorate and engulf the entire Middle East," he said.

He repeatedly assured the crowd Americans would not enter the country, including in the air.

"I will lie down on the floor of the Senate before I would approve any of our members of our service fighting in Syria," McCain said.

He faced mostly criticism and difficult questions about intervention.

"I understand how cynical you should be and are" McCain said. "That has a lot to do with Iraq and the unhappy experience with that."

The Senate resolution includes 3 main points, according to McCain. Strikes will degrade Bashar al-Assad's ability to use chemical weapons. America will arm and assist the rebels. They will reverse the momentum of the war in favor of the rebels.

McCain expects the Senate to debate Monday and vote later next week.

He did not believe the crowd was any worse than what he is used to seeing.


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