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Apr 30, 2010 9:55 PM

May Day march groups, police plan for peaceful event

TUCSON - More than 500 people marched last year on May 1st. Organizers expect the crowd Saturday to be in the thousands.

May 1st Coalition held a brief press conference Friday morning at Armory Park.

"We have no reason to be ashamed of ourselves because of the color of our skin." Leilani Clark, a youth organizer from the coaliltion spoke as about 30 youth with signs and one Mexican flag stood behind her.

Organizers say the May Day march is a celebration of International Labor Day.

"Tons of students, tons of youth, community leaders. They're all just ready to go showing themselves. It's time for us to step out of the shadows. We shouldn't be afraid."

At Tucson Police midtown division, officers worked preperations through out the day.

"Others expressing their views, who are not part of the May 1st rally, will be here." Capt. John Stamatopoulos looks over an aerial photo of the Armory Park neighborhood.

In a unique opportunity May 1st Coalition invited TPD to Armory Park last week. "Where they did a training day for their own peacekeepers, who are going to be wearing traffic vests, says Stamatopoulos. "And they're going to be working within the crowds themselves."

This is to help ensure a peaceful demonstration.

People supporting SB1070, plan on having their own rally across the street from Armory Park. They hope for a peaceful day also.

In a phone interview Claudia White, President of Arizonans for Immigration Control told News4, "It is not our intent to engage.Those people who have every right, every right to express their doubts and concerns about SB1070. We would just like everyone to know across the country, that there are those of us here in Tucson who are delighted at what Gov. Brewer did."


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