Jul 30, 2014 11:21 PM by Sean Mooney

Marana resident accused of cruelty after horse is euthanized

MARANA - The director of an equine rescue organization is accusing a Marana resident of cruelty to animals.

The situation was brought to the attention of the director of Hoofprints of the Heart Equine Rescue, Deana Boudrieau.

Boudrieau says she was contacted through their website by a neighbor of the man who owns the animals alerting her to what was described as a horse in severe distress.

Boudrieau says she went to the property and was appalled by what she found. She said, "the horse was extremely emaciated. She had no water near her. She could not get up. She had a sore on her hip was a patch like material that was a adhered around the sore with spray insulation foam."

Boudrieau said she immediately called the Pinal County Sheriff's Department, that sent an officer along with a vet who determined that the horse needed to be put down.

Boudrieau says there is another horse and a bull on the property that she believes are not being treated well.

The owner of the property, Juan Omar Iguado, admitted treating the horse himself and using insulation foam to treat the horses wound. He also said he believes the horse did not have to be put down. "The horse was sick, that was my description, she needed to be treated."

When asked why he didn't contact a vet to treat the horse, Iguado said it wasn't necessary and that he did not feel responsible for the horse having to be euthanized.

Iguado said an agent from Arizona Livestock came out and examined the other animals on the property and determined they were not in any danger. Deana Boudrieau said the Arizona Livestock agent gave her the same information.

News 4 Tucson attempted to contact Arizona Livestock and was referred to the department's public information office. The call was not returned.


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