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Aug 30, 2014 9:58 PM by Domenica Fuller

Marana Police work overtime to arrest those who fail to appear in court

TUCSON - Have you seen the signs on I-10 reading "drive hammered get nailed"? It is all to raise awareness about drunk driving this Labor Day weekend. Last Labor Day weekend 342 DUI arrests were made in the state of Arizona.

This year Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety is being proactive by funding a special warrant detail at the Marana Police Department.

Holidays are about spending time with family and friends, but it is also a time where accidents are more likely to occur. This detail of officers is working overtime on holidays to prevent more accidents from happening by getting offenders with outstanding warrants off the road.

The detail was started only last March, in order to ensure every offender was held accountable when they fail to show up to court.

"Today I should be with my son right now, but I'm in charge of this detail and you know it's part of my job," Officer Randy Korth said. "When I signed up for this profession you kind of knew you were going to be working nights and weekends."

Officers spend the majority of their time on these holidays trying to locate offenders.

"Lack of information or misinformation they give to the courts. People move frequently especially if they are renting or whatever, so the addresses we have on file are no longer valid. Actually we spend more time looking than we do making arrests," said Officer Randy Conniff.

The detail made seven arrests on Saturday and collected $89,348 dollars in forfeited bonds.


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