Nov 14, 2013 10:17 AM by Ryan Haarer

Marana Mortuary now offering green burials

TUCSON- Larry Van Horn, general manager of the Marana Mortuary says green burials or natural burials are not for everyone but, it's important to those who do want one.

"Some people don't want to be in a casket that's going to be there forever, some people don't want to be in a vault. And even certain religions don't want to use a vault or casket; they want to go back to the earth," said Van Horn.

For Larry and the Marana Mortuary it's all about giving families choices for laying their loved one to rest in a dignified way.

"I've talked to families who've said, I know mom wanted to be buried, we can't afford it, so we are just going to go with the cremation. So the natural burials are an option for them," he said.

Larry estimates the average cost of a funeral and burial is about $10,000. A natural burial can be done for under $2,000.

"When we talk about green burials, the body is not embalmed. We don't need a vault and the casket is biodegradable. And by doing this we can keep the price affordable."

It's essentially wood and heavy duty cardboard keeping the price down. Without embalming chemicals a public viewing is not allowed.

"It is dignified and if people would like what we refer to as ID viewing, we can do that."

The Marana Mortuary hopes to have this service available by the end of the month. Larry also recommends pre-purchasing sites and services to lock in prices.

For more information visit www.maranamortuarycemetery.com.


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