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Jan 14, 2013 9:30 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Marana horse rescue uncertain about future

MARANA - "Hoofprints of the Heart" Director James Boudrieau has made it his mission to save abandoned horses. "Some of the things the horses have had to endure is heartbreaking," Boudrieau says.

He started his non-profit rescue three years ago and every year the number of horses he takes in increases. "People just can't afford to feed them and don't want them," Boudrieau says. "They're losing their homes, they're losing everything and they just call us up and say they can't have their horses anymore."

In 2012 he took in a record 130 horses and says he doesn't think "Hoofprints of the Heart" can handle much more.

Boudrieau says money is tight and donations are down. "I have no idea what the future holds," Boudrieau says.

Right now he has 20 horses to feed. "All these guys expect to be fed twice a day, some of them get fed three times a day," Boudrieau says.

The price of hay isn't helping matters. So far this year it's at about $15 per bale. Boudrieau says that is down from 2012 when it cost $22 per bale, but he is still recovering. "It's a huge burden, I mean at that point your feed bill is $5,000 per month," Boudrieau says.

Luckily the costs haven't sent "Hoofprints of the Heart" over the edge. Now Boudrieau hopes the community steps up to keep them around for another year.

He doesn't want his horses to see any more heartbreak.

To help "Hoofprints of the Heart" just head to its Facebook page "Hoofprints of the Heart".


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