Jun 3, 2013 7:07 PM by Rebecca Taylor

UPDATE: Nearly drowned 8-year-old released from hospital

UPDATE: Univesity of Arizona Medical Center says the 8-year-old was released from the hospital Monday.

TUCSON - A 3-year-old boy and an 8-year-old boy are both recovering at UAMC after they were pulled from the bottom of separate swimming pools.

The 3-year-old nearly drowned at a home near Ina Road and First Avenue.

The 8-year-old was rescued from a public pool in Marana.

On Sunday night the 8-year-old's condition was upgraded to stable condition. He's awake and talking with his parents.

Firefighters and the man who pulled the boy from the pool say lifeguards can sometimes be a false sense of security around water.

Chris Martin describes what happened, "At first I thought maybe the child was playing a game, holding his breath or whatever and I realized he wasn't moving."

The father of two jumped into action. Martin dove in the water, pulling the boy to the surface. What he saw is every parent's worst nightmare.

"He was pretty lifeless, his lips were pretty blue."

Martin says lifeguards were slow in reacting and cautions parents that accidents can still happen with lifeguards on duty.

Martin says, "Some of them are 16-19 years old, they can pass a swimming test and can pass CPR, but as a military member, once the bullets start flying how do you react to that?"

Captain Adam Goldberg with the Northwest Fire District says, "Parents must watch their children around water at all times, even with lifeguards present. It's a false sense of security because lifeguards are watching hundreds of children at any given time, and parents still have the responsibility for their own children."

Goldberg says the boy was underwater for approximately four minutes.

It's not clear if the boy hit his head, or if a medical condition contributed, that's under investigation.

Another parent, a nurse performed CPR until medics arrived.

"She established an airway and basically saved that child's life," says Martin.

On Monday, Marana Parks and Recreation will hold a meeting to determine what happened, and to see if the incident was preventable.


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