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Dec 8, 2011 6:54 PM

Make Me Over: The dangers of 'Pumping Parties'

TUCSON - Today on Make Me Over, our plastic surgery contributor, Dr. Gwen Maxwell, discussed the dangers of "pumping parties" and silicone injections.

Typically, these events take place in homes, hotel rooms, laser spas, even hair salons. The practitioners are not doctors, but may claim to be nurses, medical assistants or doctors visiting from out of town.

The substance they inject may be mixtures of household solvents or other industrial silicone. These treatment are dangerous.... And are becoming more available in Tucson.

Here's the information Dr. Maxwell discussed with Martha:

Dangers of Silicone or Other Non FDA Approved Filler Injections and "Pumping Parties":
• Large amounts of any chemical substance injected into the face, body or buttocks can cause fatal "silicone embolism syndrome" or blood clots that can go to the lungs or brain.
• Permanent disfigurement can result as the body rejects the toxic substances and forms scar tissue.
• Extreme inflammation can occur.
• Side effects from the silicone can occur anywhere from a few weeks to 25 years after the injection.
• The injected substances are usually not an FDA approved safe material
• There are underground rings of practitioners that pray on the public by providing their services at these parties.
• The needles and instruments used may not be sterile.

Why are people taking the risks and being treated at "Pumping Parties"?
• They are not aware of the risks.
• They are enticed by the low cost.
• Some transgender individuals desperately want to change the contours of their face and body regardless of the dangers
• They have body dysmorphic disorder, which makes them preoccupied with any perceived defect in their appearance and are willing to take the risks.

What should be done if someone has already been injected with silicone or another unknown substance?

Once someone has been injected with silicone, it can only be surgically removed. Since the silicone can migrate to other areas of the body, there is no guarantee that all of the substance can be removed.



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