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Aug 9, 2012 8:09 PM

Make Me Over: Choosing the right implant

TUCSON - Today on "Make Me Over," Dr. Gwen Maxwell stopped by to talk about how to pick the right breast implants for your body type.

Below is information from her discussion with Kristi:

Selecting the Best Size, Shape and Style of Breast Implant for Your Physique

Discussion Topic: There are breast implants available for every type of physique. Breast implants not only come in various sizes, they also come in various shapes and projections. Plastic surgeons look at a number of factors when helping you choose the best option. Dr. Maxwell will discuss the options available in implants (in silicone gel type) and how plastic surgeons help their patients to select the perfect implant for them.

Selecting the Perfect Breast Implant for You
The first step in selecting the perfect size and shape is to understand what your expectations are. Do you want a natural look, a dramatic increase, or do you just want to correct asymmetry? Dr. Maxwell will then look at the woman's anatomy including her shoulders, the width of her chest and the amount of breast tissue she currently has. The quality of her skin is also an important factor. After all of these characteristics are considered, the woman will spend some time in front of the mirror trying on some of the suggested styles and sizes of implants based on their desired look and physique.

Breast Implant Shapes & Projection Options

Shapes: Breast implants are available in 2 distinct shapes: round and contoured. Round breast implants are circular and able to shift slightly once positioned without distorting the shape of the breast. Contoured breast implants - sometimes referred to as anatomical breast implants - feature a more elliptical shape designed to mimic the natural shape of a mature breast.

Projection Styles:
• Moderate Profile: Standard projection, with a wider base width.
• Moderate Plus Profile: A higher projection, with moderate base width
• High Profile: High projection, with narrower base width
• Ultra High Profile: Highest projection, with the smallest base width (This is the newest style available.)
Sizes & Volume: This is usually the most important decision of the selection. Breast implant size is measured in cubic centimeters (often referred to as cc's). The larger the implant, the higher the volume of cc's will be. Breast implant sizes do not correspond to traditional bra cup sizes.

Placement: The final consideration is how the breast implants will be surgically placed. There are two choices, sub-glandular (under the glands) and sub-pectoral (behind the pectoralis muscle).


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