Apr 18, 2014 10:58 PM by Kimberly Kolliner

Major DEA steroid bust in Phoenix

PHOENIX - An underground steroid distribution ring gets busted after a 15-month long, "Operation Bad Mussels," conducted by the DEA.

The bust left eight indicted and 11 under federal search warrants, making it one of the largest steroid enforcement actions in Arizona.

Of the 11 individuals at large, five are from Surprise, AZ, three from Omaha, NE, two from Melbourne, FL and one from Franklin, TN.

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies issued the arrests and search warrants to the suspected members of the steroid ring on April 17 and conducted two consent searches of storage facilities in Surprise, AZ.

The raids turned up 110 pounds of anabolic steroids, several packages of raw powder from China, hundreds of filled vials of anabolic steroids and a variety of size capsules along with their encapsulating machines.

The DEA also seized falsified pharmaceutical labels, computers and more than $150,000.

The DEA Tactical Diversion Squad (TDS) initiated their investigation of Blaine Radke of Surprise, Ariz., back in January 2013.

The DEA has confirmed that Radke, owner of Desired Physiques Center in Surprise, supplied anabolic steroids to hundreds of customers throughout the country using bodybuilding internet websites.

Agents have identified other members in the distribution ring, collected receipts of the Chinese steroid materials and investigated wire transfers to pinpoint the consumer base of Radke's illegal enterprise.

With an "underground" e-mail address, Radke instructed users to send cash concealed in magazines and birthday cards as payment for their orders.

The indicted are as follows: Blaine Radke otherwise known as Ronnie Coleman, 39, and Ismael Gonzales otherwise known as Mike Gonzales, 44, of Surprise, AZ, Joshua Ryan Leno, 33, of Omaha NE, Duane Lee McGill, 52, of Charlotte, Gregory Alexander Chambers, 45 of Franklin, TN, Chad Vincent Desjarlais, 41, of Melbourne FL, Kanisha Stewart, 24, of Surprise AZ, and Dena Jo Olsen, 43, also of Surprise, AZ.

Blaine Radke and Gregory Chambers were arrested on April 17 and the others were charged and summoned to appear in federal court at a later date.


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