Jul 8, 2014 6:50 PM by Monica Garcia

Magic Carpet Golf statues: Where are they now?

TUCSON - Magic Carpet Golf may have closed for good back in 2008 but its legacy lives on through its giant statues.

Local artist Charlie Spillar, who helped spearhead the movement to find new homes for the statues, said it was either that or the landfill. "There was no way I would let that happen to these guys. They're like beings that I couldn't let them destroyed."

The Castle, Old Stump, Pigmy Hut and Spider Tree have a permanent home at Valley of the Moon.

A very popular 19-foot Monkey can be found in the Dunbar Springs neighborhood. All together, there are about a dozen structures that can be found around the city. Click here to check out the interactive "where are they now" google map for more details.


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