Jul 28, 2012 9:22 PM

Lytle family reacts to 100k bond set for hit-and-run suspect

TUCSON-The suspect in the hit-and-run death of Nogales firefighter Sterling Lytle made his court appearance today.

Bond was set at 100 thousand dollars for Jesus Xavier Zepeda.

He's accused of running over Sterling in a parking lot on June 28.

News 4 Tucson was the only crew there when Zepeda turned himself in at the Pima County jail last night.

Lytle's family was not happy with the bond amount being reduced.

They spoke out in court Saturday.

The mood was tense as Zepeda's wife and Sterling's family all sat in the courtroom as the judge decided on the bond.

Sterling's mother Sarah did her best to convince the judge.
"I'm asking you please, not to allow any bail or bond on this monster," she pled.

She hoped after hearing the circumstances of Sterling's death. The judge would decide on no bond or at least set a higher one.

"I don't think it's fair that he gets to go out and be with his wife or his family," she said to the judge.

After hearing the judge set a 100 thousand dollar bond, the family walked out of the courtroom in an uproar as Zepeda's wife stayed behind sobbing.

"Justice was not served today--by no means," said Sterling's step dad Casey.

Before the judge made his decision, the counselor stated Zepeda's case: that he voluntarily surrendered to authorities and therefore is not a flight risk.

"The only reason he gave himself up was because we had his picture and we had his truck, and now he's trying to cop a plea deal and that's exactly what he got today," said Casey.

Before the hearing started, Sarah even approached Zepeda's wife, she says to thank her for Zepeda turning himself in, but after the hearing, her appreciation turned into desperation and sadness.

"For this guy to say he's a productive member of society and has a full time job. My son had a full time job, too," she told News 4 Tucson.

We tried to get reaction from Zepeda's wife but no luck.


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