Feb 20, 2012 5:24 PM

Local Susan G. Komen branch releases letter to supporters

TUCSON - The Southern Arizona Susan G. Komen Foundation has released "A letter to our supporters," online, addressing the recent controversy over the national organization's decision, and reversal, on supporting Planned Parenthood.

Below is the full text of the letter:

It saddens us to our core that recent actions by Susan G. Komen for the Cure National rocked the confidence and hope that our close-knit community had entrusted in us, Komen Southern Arizona. We are deeply disappointed and dismayed at the turn of events.

We thank our supporters for speaking out on these issues and we are certain that your voice has made a difference. Nevertheless, we understand that our community in Southern Arizona is still cautious.

Please know that Komen Southern Arizona continues to be in close dialogue with the national office over what we believe they should do to address this mistrust and anger. We have asked them to not only take a good look at their own organization and decision-making, but to consider the effects of this debacle on us, the local Affiliates, across the U.S. Without support, without donations, without people walking and running our Race, the ones who suffer are the the ones operating and using the breast health services we fund.

To that end, the Komen Southern Arizona board is sending a list of concerns to the national organization. While these discussions take place, we pledge to our community:

• to continue in the mission Komen Southern Arizona was founded upon 13 years ago: to fund breast health services for the under-served in Southern Arizona
• to educate, raise awareness and fight breast cancer
• and to help find a cure for this disease
And we point out the following:

1. Komen Southern Arizona is its own 501(c)(3), separate from Komen National, with its own board of directors.
2. Komen Southern Arizona uses the money it raises to make grants in our six-county community. These grants are considered and awarded by a panel made up of cancer researchers, healthcare professionals and others, a panel that is independent of Komen SAZ.
3. For every dollar raised, 75 cents net remains in our community to fund these grants. The remaining 25 cents net goes to Komen National solely and specifically to fund breast cancer research.

We believe that it is the issue of breast cancer that glues us together and we commit to our Southern Arizona communities that politics will never deter us from our mission.

We ask that you continue to support us in our mission, and to continue to communicate your concerns and questions to us.

Yours most sincerely

The Komen SAZ Team

This letter was taken from the Southern Arizona Susan G. Komen Foundation website:



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