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Sep 1, 2011 1:43 AM

Local ATF agent says resignations aren't enough

TUCSON - "Not good enough." That was the reaction from a local, ATF Special Agent after his own director resigned after the fallout from operation "Fast and Furious."

Tuesday the director of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Kenneth Melson, resigned and the U.S. Attorney for Arizona, Dennis Burke also quit. Both men were tied to that botched gun-tracking operation that ended up sending thousands of weapons into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels.

Jay Dobyns is an ATF special agent who lives right here in Tucson. We asked him about the resignations and he said, "Too little too late as far as I'm concerned."

He said the resignations didn't just come late, there weren't enough. Dobyns said, "There needs to be a house cleaning. A fire sale at the top of ATF right now to get this agency back on track and make it right again."

The family of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry couldn't agree more. Terry's death was linked to one of the guns that ended up in the wrong hands.

Terry's family attorney Patrick McGroder said, "The continuing concern of the family is getting to the bottom of everything and holding all of those responsible for the murder of Brian accountable."

But, of all the positions to make a change Dobyns said these were the ones that can make the biggest difference. Dobyns said, "To have both of them gone and give someone else a chance to do their collective jobs the right way was a benefit to both agencies."

Todd Jones is now the new director of ATF. Dobyns said he doesn't know him, but he already likes him, calling him the new sheriff in town. He said, "I give him my 100% support. I'm fully behind him trying to get some reform at ATF and restore some integrity and accountability into my agency."

As for the guns, Dobyns said unfortunately the new director won't be able to just go and find them right away. Agents like him will just have to continue doing their job, being even more careful knowing that many more weapons are on the street.


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