Jul 12, 2012 11:15 AM

Local artists create outdoor gallery downtown

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TUCSON - With all the downtown construction you've probably noticed , the area is pretty torn up, but some local artists are trying to distract you from the eyesore.

Hundreds of art pieces adorn Congress street downtown.

Through social media, local artists banded together to create an outdoor gallery not only to distract people from the ripped up street during construction, but also to lure people downtown.

Dante Lopez and his family were out on the town with their grandpa.

When they stumbled upon drawings on the fence, their faces lit up.

That's the reaction artist David Aguirre was hoping for when he came up with the fence art concept for downtown Tucson.

"It's a walking tour, it's a sidewalk art exhibit basically," said Aguirre.

Aguirre said he wanted to do something with the fence to beautify Congress street during streetcar construction, so he began to spread his idea via social media.

"The last two weeks or so, art work started to appear on the fence like magic," said Aguirre.

Local artists Debra Dishon and Elleanor Leon were quick to join in on the project.

"I just thought that it would be fun. It's like blending voices with other artists," said Dishon.

They hope their masterpieces will be a helpful distraction from any inconveniences the construction may cause.

"We're bringing art to the masses that right now, with the construction, don't want to here the noise, they can't find parking," said Leon.

By July 14, the Second Saturdays event Aguirre hopes to have at least one thousand pieces of artwork on the fence, and anyone is welcome to hang up a piece of their own.


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