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Apr 18, 2012 8:52 PM

Local American Airlines office closing its doors

TUCSON - Tucson workers will be affected by American Airlines' restructuring effort.

The airline filed for bankruptcy in November, and a company spokesperson says they need to cut 20 percent of their costs.

Tucson's reservation call center is set to close in August, and nearly 700 employees may lose their jobs. Some employees will be given the option to become a home based representative, and some will be able to move to either the Texas or North Carolina facility.

Those decisions will be based on seniority.

"Everybody's in shock," said employee Karen Janoski. "I don't know what really anybody is going to do."

Janoski added that if she does take the option to work from home, she'll see a pay cut and her benefits will change.

Jeff Brundage, the Senior Vice President with American Airlines, says the company did extensive research to determine what cuts needed to be made, and that all the decisions were difficult.


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