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Apr 18, 2012 7:06 PM

Let's Make a Meal: The 'Perfect' Grilled Cheese Sandwich

TUCSON - April is Grilled Cheese Month.

The simple comforts of warm bread, melted cheese and love cannot be overstated. Today on "Let's Make a Meal," our food contributor, Jennifer English, stopped by with a Grilled Cheese recipe from an award-nominated chef.

The 2012 James beard award Nominees have been announced and amid the contenders for the year's top honor The Outstanding Chef Award is Nancy Silverton from Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles, formerly of La Brea Bakery. Nancy has had significant achievement in the culinary stratosphere for over 30 years. She mastered the art of the sandwich, the bread, and the grilled cheese. Today you can find a loaf of her La Brea Bakery bread in just about every market, assuring us the components for great grilled cheese success.

Here is Nancy Silverton's recipe for the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

The Perfect: Grilled Cheese
Experimentation aside, here's a simple grilled cheese you can make with ingredients you likely already have in the fridge.
• 2 slices whole wheat or whole-wheat sourdough bread
• 2 ounces grated sharp or extra sharp cheddar cheese, preferably white
• 1-2 slices tomato
• 1 slice onion
• 1 T. butter, softened
1. Lightly butter outside of one piece of bread.
2. Spread half of cheese on bread.
3. Place tomato and onion on top of cheese.
4. Spread remaining cheese on top of tomato and onion.
5. Place second piece of bread on top.
6. Butter top slice of bread.
7. Heat seasoned cast-iron, or nonstick, skillet over medium-low flame.
8. Place sandwich in pan.
9. Cook until underside is golden brown and cheese is beginning to melt, 1-3 minutes.
10. Flip sandwich.
11. Cook until underside is golden brown.


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