Jul 27, 2012 7:47 PM

Let's Make a Meal: J. Marinara's Lasagna

TUCSON - Today on "Let's Make a Meal," Chef Mike Bonk from J. Marinara's stopped back by with a recipe for his restaurant's lasagna. Here is the recipe:

J. Marinara's Lasagna (serves 18 pieces of 16oz portions)

How we make our lasagna is I start with 3 ½ pounds of ground sirloin, a onion, and olive oil, I cover the bottom of the large pot with olive oil, then I fine chop the onion, and then I add the meat and start browning it.

I add 2 hand full of parsley and 1 hand full of Italian spices. Add some salt and pepper till brown. Pull off stove and strain it and the cool it down.

Then I start making our 5 cheese mix I start with 3 lbs of ricotta cheese, I add about a pound of shredded mozzarella, 3 7 oz cups of our 3 cheese mix, which is asiago, romano and parmesan cheese, I add about a ¼ lb of chopped fresh basil and 2 hand full of parsley all this goes in a blender and I start mixing it I add heavy whipping cream to thin it out to smooth to spread.

I now take my meat out and mix it with our famous marinara sauce (about a gallon and ½).

I grease a large 400 aluminum pan and start laying my lasagna sheets, the bottom row step up takes 3 and the sides take 8. Once that is done I add the meat mix with the marinara in.

Then I add the cheese mix evenly as possible over the meat mix. Now we cover the cheese mix with slice mozzarella cheese (about 10 slices give or take).

We add the meat mix again then cover it with 3 lasagna sheets.

Then we repeat the same process till done. Add 3 more lasagna sheets then fold the outer lasagna sheets to the middle. Once done we add 2 more lasagna sheets.

Now we are done with the product. We cover it is serene wrap and then aluminum foil.

Oven is at 500 degrees I insert my digital thermometer and set it for 140 degrees and 4 hour cook time.


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