Aug 15, 2012 7:17 PM by Ian Cross

Let's Make a Meal: Deals and meals for the pichuberry

TUCSON - Today on "Let's Make a Meal," Chef Tavel Bristol from Zona 78 stopped by the studios to give us a little history on the pichuberry. He also provided some recipes and exclusive offers for this small, flavorful, nutritious berry.

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Here are some of the recipes Chef Bristol showed how to make on News Tucson at 4:

Pichuberry Mustarda

Pichuberry sliced 12oz
Mustard powder 3tsp
Salt 2tsp
Fresh chopped basil ½ cup
Sugar ½ cup
Corn starch ¾ cup
Water 1tsp

1. Place Pichuberries, sugar, corn starch, salt and water in a sauce pan.
2. Pace pot on medium heat and cook for 10mins or until berries have a jam like consistency.
3. Remove from heat, cool for 2mins before adding mustard powder and fresh chopped basil.
4. Mix until combined, cool and serve.

Pichuberry Cheesecake

Goat cheese 1lb
Cream cheese 2lb
Corn starch 15oz
Lemon zest 1oz
Vanilla extract 2tsp
Salt 1tsp
Eggs 8oz
Yolks 3 each
Cream ½ cup
Pichuberry puree 8oz

1. Cream chesses, sugar, corn starch and lemon zest until smooth.
2. Scrape and add vanilla, salt and eggs.
3. Mix to combine.
4. Add cream and Pichuberry puree, mix to combine or until smooth.
5. Place cheesecake batter in pan lined with Graham cracker crust, place pan in water bath.
6. Bake in oven at 280 degrees F for 25 mins.
7. Cool and serve.

Pichuberry Jam or Marmalade

Fresh Pichuberry (sliced) 4lb
Cinnamon stick 1each
Sugar 2.5 cups
Corn starch 3tbls
Water (cold) 2tbls

1. Place berries, cinnamon stick and sugar in baking pan.
2. Dissolve corn starch in cold water.
3. Combine Pichuberry mixture and cornstarch mixture in a baking pan.
4. Place pan in the oven at 280 degrees F and bake for approximately 30mins or until desired thickness.
5. Cool and serve.


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