Sep 10, 2012 7:45 PM

Let's Make a Meal: Braised Italian Beef

TUCSON - Today on "Let's Make a Meal," Chef Nicholas from Gusto Osteria Restaurant stopped by to make:

Braised Italian Beef
6 lbs. Beef Sirloin Tip
1c. Oil
1 ea. Head Celery
6 ea. Carrots
5 ea. Large Onions
1/3 c. Minced Garlic
1 Tbs. Dry Rosemary
1 Tbs. Thyme
1½ tsp. Salt
1½ tsp. Pepper
4 ea. Bay Leafs
1 ea. Bottle of Burgundy
4 qt. Beef Stock
4 qt. Water

Sauted Peppers & Onions
1 c. 0il
5 ea. Red Bell Peppers
5 ea. Green Bell Peppers
2 ea. Large Yellow Onions
2 tsp. Salt
1Tbs. Pepper
2 tsp. Dry Oregano
1 Tbs. Dry Basil
Red Wine as Needed

Remainder Ingredients
Italian Sandwich Roll
Slices of Provolone

First clean off all the fat, silver skin, and unwanted scraps. Next cut the beef in to half and tie each half up a few times with butchers twine. Season meat with dashes of salt pepper, and set meet aside. Now clean unwanted skin, leaves, and ends off vegetables. Give the vegetables a ruff chop. Next add oil to pot and turn to medium high heat. Wait till oil starts to smoke and carefully lay meat in to sear. Sear all sides of meat. Once all sides have a nice golden brown sear remove from pot and add vegetables (except for garlic) then continue to sauté veg. till golden brown. After veg. is golden brown add the garlic, herbs and spices. Give a good stir to insure all veg. are well coted with seasonings. Now deglaze with the red wine. Reduce the wine all the way down till it turns in to a nice and contracted sauce. Add the water and Stock and boil for one hour and a half. Once time has omitted let beef stand in the liquid for 20 minutes. Remove beef from liquid cool properly over night (preferably 12 hours). Strain remaining veg. from liquid threw a fine mesh strainer and disregard veg. but save liquid for dipping ajus sauce. Cool sauce properly and store for later use. Remove butchers twine from meat, and on a deli slicer, slice very thin (almost paper thin). Once all has been done time to make a delicious sandwich.

Clean all unwanted vegetable trimmings and discard. Once cleaned slice the peppers and onions in to ¼ inch strips. Now in a large enough mixing bowl combine oil, peppers, onions and seasonings, and mix well. Next sauté strips in large enough sauté pan. Make sure not to over crowd sauté pan to insure proper browning and deglaze with wine (so this part will be done in batches). Cool veg. properly for later use.

Toast rolls and have provolone ready.


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