2 Wheelin in Tucson

Dec 29, 2011 11:39 AM

Learn to two-wheel like a pro at local spin studio

TUCSON - Many local cyclists, and non cyclists, flock to 02 Modern Fitness to exercise at their indoor spinning studio.

In addition to their many classes, they've started offering something new. The opportunity to learn mountain and road biking skills from a professional.

Erica Allar, a national cycling competitor, recently taught a series of workshops to help women get more comfortable riding on the road.

"It's really nice to be able to share this information and do it in an environment where everyone feels comfortable and can ask questions and be themselves and not be afraid to learn about it," she said.

Susan Frank, the Studio's owner, says learning from a pro is something most people may never get the chance to do.

"This is just an example of our wonderful City and what the locals are getting because it is a destination for training. It is an amazing opportunity."

One of the students, Ashley Weide, who regularly spins at 02 Modern Fitness, says she will be signing up for the next course!

"I didn't realize it was over the last day. I was so upset."

While she was intimidated at first, she says the class was extremely welcoming and open to all ages and abilities.

"At first everyone was nervous because she walked in and she was so cute and we were like--'well she's a pro and i'm just a beginner and she's going to laugh at me.' But she was great."

Even Mischala Crist, who used to teach spinning, learned some new tricks.

"Some of us had done Centuries already and wanted to increase our skills and nothing like a pro to teach us that."

On January 4th, 02 Modern Fitness will begin a mountain bike training class with professional rider Krista Park. For more information, head to www.o2modernfitness.com/


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