Apr 18, 2011 10:55 AM

Last day to do your taxes

TUCSON - Its tax day so if you haven't filed yet you better get on it.

The deadline was pushed back until April 18th this year, but even that extra time is up.

Even with all the people that file early or file last minute on line there's still hundreds of people that drop off forms at the post office on the last day.

Ruth Mahoney is a spokesperson for the IRS. She said, "I would expect the Cherrybell Post Office will be as busy as its always been."

Time may be running short but you can still get some help if you need it and if you are a low or moderate income family you can get it for free.

LaVonne Douville is with the Tucson chapter of United Way. She said, "There are some people that procrastinate so we're going to be available here at United Way. We're bringing our volunteers here and we're going to set up our board room and do taxes all day long."

And if you have a complex return it could make a big difference.

Douville said, "We're able to help them figure that out and make sure they get everything they are entitled too."

But whether you get some help or do it yourself, the IRS said you shouldn't panic and don't get in a rush. Mahoney said check everything over, particularly your math and don't forget one the most commonly missed parts, your signature.

Mahoney said, "A lot of times people get to the end of the day and they want to get to the post office and they forget to sign the tax return."

If you don't have time to get everything together before the deadline you can file an extension but your extension form also has to be postmarked before midnight. Keep in mind that is not an extension for payment. You still have to pay on time or face penalties.

If you are going be one of the hard core procrastinators and wait until the very last minute be prepared to wait in line at the post office. The main post office on Cherrybell is the only Tucson post office that will be extending its hours until midnight.


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