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Jun 19, 2012 11:20 PM

Kristi's Kids - Sienna needs your help

Tucson - A tiny Tucsonan, diagnosed with cerebral palsy and microcephaly needs your help.
Sienna Pineiro isn't even two years old yet and her skull is hardly growing. For head size, she falls in the 2-5 percentile. She should be higher than 10%.

Sienna's mom, Ceres Pineiro, has done extensive research and she says, most of the treatments aren't covered by insurance. Ceres says, "...they're more like ‘let's manage it. Let's get her braces and do those kinds of things'... Some kids with Microcephaly fare well. Sometimes they have a decreased life span and they're slow mentally."

The longer Sienna goes, without treatment, the more her head size will fall behind, causing brain damage.

Susan Rodriguez, with Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics (in California,) evaluated Sienna and thinks she could benefit from shallow depth hyperbaric treatments. She says, "you're gonna stimulate the skull to grow a little bit more and catch up with her. I don't think she's that far behind. She doesn't appear to be."

While Ceres continues good nutrition and physical therapy for Sienna, she's launched an online effort to raise money for Sienna's hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Sienna may need hundreds of treatments... and they cost thousands of dollars. Ceres tells Kristi's Kids, "the cerebral palsy, I can live with. Her lack of motion... but her life span is a huge... thing."

To help with the cost of Sienna's treatments, click here:

To visit Sienna's FACEBOOK page, click here:!/SiennasCerebralPalsyFund


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