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Jul 8, 2014 7:11 PM by Kristi Tedesco

Kristi's Kids: Parole denied for mother-daughter murder accomplice

TUCSON - Christopher Derek Lincoln has been denied parole, 26-years after the Tucson murders of 17-year-old Mindy Peters and her mom, 40-year-old Lily Champagne.

Lincoln and Richard Greenway (who was sentenced to die for the crime) murdered the women in 1988. Lincoln has admitted that he shot, but didn't kill, Lily Champagne. The jury found, it was Greenway who fired the fatal shots.

Kristi's Kids recently featured the case, since Lincoln was up for parole this month.

Arizona's Board of Executive Clemency Director, Brian Livingston tells Kristi's Kids, all evidence was weighed in considering whether to grant Lincoln parole. This included the nature of the crime, Lincoln's behavior in prison, Lincoln's supporters and the wishes of the victims' family and friends.

According to Livingston, members of the clemency board were also given copies of the Kristi's Kids reports, for their review.

Christopher Derek Lincoln will be up for parole, again, next year.

To see his profile, from the AZ Department of Corrections website, click here.


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