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Jun 27, 2012 1:00 AM

Kristi's Kid 'Dre'

TUCSON - Dre is a sweet 11-year-old boy. He'll be in the 6th grade this fall. His case manager says, he does well in school. Diana Iniguez tells Kristi's Kids "his teacher adores him."

Dre has been in and out of the system the last five years. His biological parents had their rights severed, due to abuse and neglect. Dre just needs to find a stable home and at least one parent who can give him structure, attention and patience.

Diana says, "Whether it's a single-parent or two-parent family, that's okay. He actually told me, he hadn't decided whether he wants to be the only child or whether he wants siblings... but I think he'd probably do better with fewer children."

Dre tells Kristi's Kids, in his dreams "they would have a dog. They would play video games with me. They'll let me watch TV."

Dre loves to play sports and watch pro wrestling. He also likes the Cartoon Network.

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