Aug 21, 2014 10:58 PM by Sean Mooney

Kitchen Cops: Hot dog stand has odd method of keeping dogs on ice

TUCSON - After experiencing a flood of critical violations over the last several weeks, the Pima County Health Department welcomed a trickle of "Provisional" ratings this week.

Manantial Hot Dogs, a mobile restaurant, received six critical violations. Empty food bins were stacked directly on top of bacon wrapped hot dogs. The bins were not clean and sanitized. During the inspection the operator, on multiple occasions, did not wash his hands before handling food.

Beans were stored in an ice chest temped at 84 degrees. Refrigerated items must be stored at 41 degrees or lower. With six critical violations, Manantial Hot Dogs, was given a "Provisional" rating.

Del Taco, at 840 E. Broadway, received two critical violations. Several refrigerated items tested above the maximum 41-degrees, with raw hamburger at 52 degrees, milk and cheese at 53-degrees. An employee's medicine, to treat diabetes, was stored in a walk-in cooler. Employee drugs must be stored away from food items to prevent contamination.

Last week we told you about The Taco Shop, 1350 E. Broadway, receiving a provisional rating. The Pima County Health Department has confirmed The Taco Shop passed re-inspection.

Restaurants awarded "Excellent" ratings include, Painted Sky Elementary School, at 12620 N. Woodburne Ave., Chatterbox Bar, at 1601 S. Alvernon Way and Pearson's Pub, at 1120 S. Wilmot Rd..

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