Kitchen Cops

Jan 20, 2012 12:00 AM

Kitchen Cops: Dead rodent in donut shop

TUCSON - Donut Wheel on Ina received 5 critical violations.

A large amount of rodent droppings were found in more than one part of the donut shop. Plus, there was a decomposing rodent under the 3-compartment sink.
There was no hand sink in the washing area or at the front counter where food is prepared, and employees were seen cleaning a donut case, touching money, and then putting on gloves without washing their hands first.
Donut Wheel on Ina received a "Needs Improvement" rating.

Cici's Pizza on Ina received 2 critical violations.

Several foods, such as ham, cheese and pepperoni, were not being stored at the correct temperature. Plus, the hot holding unit for pizza had no time stamp, so there was no way to tell how long the pizza had been sitting.
Both violations were corrected, so Cici's Pizza on Ina received a "Good" rating.

Rachel's Little Café on Prince, Sausage Shop in Prince and Little Mexico Steakhouse on W Valencia Road all received an "Excellent" rating.


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