Kitchen Cops

Aug 8, 2014 1:03 AM by Sean Mooney

Kitchen Cops: A cook with a taste for his own cooking

Tucson- The Pima County Health Department evaluated some high scorers this week. Not a great accomplishment when it comes to critical violations.

Mandarin Buffet, at 5005 S. Campbell Ave., received 10 critical violations. Several food items in refrigeration units, including shrimp, scallops and chicken, were not wrapped or covered. Food must be properly stored to prevent cross contamination. Various kitchen equipment and utensils were encrusted with dirt and food residue. Food stored in a make top unit tested above the maximum 41 degrees, with raw beef at 49 degrees, raw chicken at 50 degrees and shelled eggs temped at 51 degrees. With ten critical violations Mandarin Buffet, was given a "Provisional" rating.

Kung Fu Noodle, at 3122 N. Campbell Ave., received nine critical violations. Multiple live bugs were found in a container of sugar. A cook tasted a dish he was preparing and then used the same spoon to continue cooking. A can opener was encrusted with food debris. Vegetables in a make unit had a white mold-like growth on them. With nine critical violations, Kung Fu Noodle, was given a "Provisional" rating.

Last week we told you about Mosaic Cafe Dos, at 7350 N. Las Cholla, receiving a "Provisional" rating. The Pima County Health Department has confirmed that Mosaic Cafe Dos, passed re-inspection.

Restaurants awarded "Excellent" ratings include, The Pines Golf Club, at 8480 N. Continental Links Dr., The Olive Garden Restaurant, at 11905 N. Oracle Rd. and Ra Sushi Bar & Restaurant
at 2905 E. Skyline Dr.

Mandarin Buffet Report Card

Kung Fu Noodle Report Card


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