Apr 18, 2012 8:07 PM

Kelly says Barber not telling the truth

TUCSON - Business manager Jesse Kelly vs. former Gabrielle Giffords staffer Ron Barber and Green Party candidate Charlie Manolakis for the Congressional District-8 seat.

Barber and Kelly are wasting no time hitting the phones and spreading their message. Both candidates say they are not going to run a negative campaign.

"After the shooting in January of 2011, the compassion and kindness in this community was overwhelming, and I think that's the tone that's still going on in our community," said Barber. "I think that's the tone that people want to see in the election campaign and that's what I hope to offer them. But as far as negative campaigning is concerned, it's already started on the other side."

"Sadly, this is the first untrue thing that Mr. Barber has said, I hope it is the last," said Kelly in response. "Our campaign has been 100% positive presenting our plans to lower taxes and lower gas prices and we're going to continue along that path."

Kelly's plan to lower gas prices is by using American energy and that means drill here. "Absolutely, drill here, natural gas, clean coal, we have abundant resources of all types in this nation and we need to embrace them. So the American consumer can not only pay less at the pump, not only have a smaller power bill, but that creates jobs," said Kelly.

Barber is concerned about creating a prominent middle class. "My goal is to go there in a bi-partisan way, a bi-partisan spirit to work on Social Security and Medicare, middle class issues the things that are important in this district. So I'll be going to Washington right away after the election, to work hard on behalf of the people of Southern Arizona," said Barber.

Barber and Kelly face off on June 12th in the special election to fill out the rest of Giffords' term.


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