Jun 27, 2014 9:30 PM by Marissa Esquivel

Keep your dogs safe this 4th of July

TUCSON - With the happiness that comes with the tradition of 4th of July, loud noises are a big part of the celebration.

While humans enjoy it, pets on the other hand may not like the loud noises of the fireworks, loud music, and people.

In some instances, dogs will pace and howl, even jump fences to escape all the 'madness.'

Each year the day after the 4th of July, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona receives an increase of lost dogs and cats.

A few preventive measures can prepare you and your pet for the celebration, and keep them in your home and safe.

Here are some tips that all pet owners should follow this time of year:

- Keep your pet indoors. For pets with extreme sensitivity, create a den-like environment such as a crate, room or walk-in closet free of windows.

- If at all possible, remain home with your pet to provide comfort and security.

- Turn on a TV or radio to provide soothing sounds that will distract your pet from outside noises.

- Spray some pet-friendly aromatherapy to calm your pet's nerves.

- Invest in a Thundershirt, used to treat anxiety in pets.

- Pets that are extremely sensitive to noise may benefit from the use of veterinarian-prescribed sedatives.

- Be sure to keep a well-fitted collar and identification on your pet.

- Have your pet microchipped.


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