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Jan 27, 2014 10:03 AM by Ryan Haarer

Job Corps trainees get hands on training at TMC

TUCSON- Job Corps is celebrating 35 years in Tucson this year. They help low income young people find a trade, graduate high school, get a driver's license and most of all prepare them for a career.

Tucson Medical Center is the most recent place job corps sends its trainees. They work in the HVAC department learning the tricks of the trade from the pros working in the medical center's new tower.

"I would go to interviews and they'd go, you are a really nice guy but you don't really have any hands on, or skills necessary for the job," said 22 year old Noble Kidd.

That's when he learned about Job Corps. He now lives in a free dorm, works at TMC as a trainee in the HVAC department and learns more about his trade from his Job Corps teacher John Gallagher.

"One thing you can't teach is a good attitude. They have to have that and he's got it. So what I'd like to see Noble do here at TMC is try and impress the staff and maybe try and get on staff here. That's the main goal," said Gallagher.

Noble says the staff has been very helpful walking him through the basics.

"One guy even bought me a soda my first day here. I thought that was pretty nice."

He's eager to learn from the pros at TMC who obviously know their stuff. It's a big brand new building with plenty of work to do.

"That's what it's all about. It's all about networking. It's all about who you know. And one thing I try and teach my students is you are either burning bridges or you are building bridges," said Gallagher.

With the help of Job Corps and the hands on training at TMC, Noble is gaining all the tools he'll need for some big plans in the future.

"So it's helped me get that hands on and guide my career in HVAC into owning my own business."

Noble is taking steps to get the management skills he'll need to develop his own business. He's applying to be the president of the Job Corps student body.

For more information on the Tucson Job Corps visit


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