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Jan 6, 2014 7:32 PM by Erika Flores

January 8th survivors looking forward to memorial

TUCSON-Tucsonans are getting ready to pay tribute to the people killed and injured during the January 8th shooting three years ago.

Convicted gunman Jared Loughner shot and killed six people that day during an event with then Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

She was one of 13 injured.

Afterwards, a huge impromptu memorial emerged outside UAMC where victims were being treated.

People left everything from flowers and balloons to cards and handwritten notes.

Soon a permanent memorial will be built.

Throughout the process, January 8 survivors have been very involved, and they said they are happy to see a permanent memorial in the works so that no one forgets that tragic event.

"I miss Gabe every day, and that doesn't change," said Ross Zimmerman, Gabe's father.

Gabe lost his life that tragic day.

"There are going to be periods where I am caught up in the emotions of it because I miss Gabe very badly," said Zimmerman.

But this community has given him strength.

"We have figure out how to cope and move on don't we?" said Zimmerman.

Pam Simon was injured during the shooting and said the community gave all of the survivors and victims' families strength to move forward.

"I would like the community future generations to know that our community came together in a time of tremendous trauma and supported each other," said Simon.

She's looking forward to seeing the memorial and the effect it will have on generations to come.

"We want to be able to carry not just the message of what had happened, but also the incredible response of the community," said Simon.

There is a website for the community to join in on the memorial planning process.

"I hope that most of the community will be involved in some way," said Simon.

They want to make sure they are involved because the tragedy affected the whole community.

"It's really dedicated to the entire community and to the rest of the people who were touched by this," said Zimmerman.

This is the website:

The county plans to approve the resolution Tuesday and the city on Wednesday.

Then the foundation will raise funds and select a design for the memorial.


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