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Apr 13, 2012 2:15 PM

January 8th memorial and tribute items moving to a larger facility

TUCSON - On Monday, April 16, the January 8 memorial and tribute items that have been stored at Dollar Storage will be relocated to a larger space donated by the Sundt Corporation.

The items being moved to this larger facility include objects from the UMC hospital lawn, the Safeway Store entry, and the former Giffords' Congressional Offices.

Stephen Brigham, President of the One-Eight Foundation, expressed, "We greatly appreciate Dollar Storage, its Manager, Kitty Neubauer, and its Corporate Vice President, Mark Allec for their support and donation of storage for the past year."

Brigham continued, "Through the generous support of the Sundt Corporation, we will be able to provide a new facility and larger space to continue work archiving these items that symbolize how our community came together after the January 8th tragedy."

Facts about the move

• The larger space is located at 2015 West River Road and will provide greater accessibility for memorial planning and permanent archiving.

• The new space will not be open to the public and is specifically intended for memorial planning and archiving purposes only.

• The move is being managed by the University of Arizona Health Network (formerly University Medical Center - UMC) with the assistance of the Bekins Company.

• The new space is intended to provide a staging ground for memorial planning. Ongoing memorial planning has been initiated by the "One-Eight Foundation," an organization that formed in order to provide financial and strategic support for the development of a memorial in response to the tragic events of January 8, 2011. The Foundation's board is comprised of community representatives with experience in public art, as well as individuals who were involved or directly affected by the events of January 8, 2011.


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