May 3, 2012 1:44 AM

Isabel Celis' mom talks with NBC

Day 12 in the search for Isabel Celis and there was a lot of activity at the family home.

Police took family members inside and outside Wednesday including Isabel's mother and father.

Police say, the parents consented and are cooperating.

Detectives tells News 4, they did this to re-create the scene, of the hours surrounding Isabel's disappearance.

One by one, the missing girl's mom, dad, and brother walked a police detective through their home.

"They're escorting family in and out speaking with them independently. It's just a continuation of their work. I can't talk with you about specifics that they're dealing with questions that they're asking. It's just furthering their investigation," says Lt. Fabian Pacheco.

It started at noon, Isabel's father Sergio Celis was brought to the house, he and the detective stayed for about an hour.

Following that, Isabel's mom Rebecca showed up with the same detective, they stayed for about 45 minutes.
And then, a young boy, believed to be Isabel's brother followed.

"The family has been cooperating with us. The house has been under their control for a number of days now. We're there under, with their consent to continue investigation," said Lt. Pacheco.

Detectives have not focused on any one person or scenario. They say this is just one of the many ways they do their work.

About 500 tips have come in, 100 of them overnight.
A recent lead a possible sighting of Isabel in Magdalena, Mexico near Nogales, turned up nothing.

We've just obtained an interview Isabel's parents did Wednesday with NBC news.

Isabel's mother Rebecca talked about the daily strain of being without Isabel. She said they're losing sleep, worried about her.

"I think the hardest thing are days gone by," said Rebecca Celis.

You can watch the full interview with Isabel's parents Thursday morning on the Today Show beginning at 7.


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