Feb 24, 2014 9:52 AM by Ryan Haarer

IRS has tips on making most of tax season

TUCSON- If you haven't received your records by now call the IRS because you don't want to be late on filing.

"If you owe money than there is going to be a penalty but if you have a refund coming the internal revenue service is not going to pay you interest on that money," said Bill Brunson, spokesperson for the Internal Revenue Service.

If you need more time file an extension to avoid a penalty and do everyone a favor and file online. 85% of people already are and it saves the government money, in turn saving your tax dollars.

"You have a choice as to whether you prefer to go to a paid preparer or purchase software and upload it to your computer system or for free go to irs.gov and use our free file for your 2013 tax return."

The IRS really wants to spread the word about the earned income tax credit. It's estimated that one in five Arizonan's will qualify and never claim their credit this year.

"If your income is around 52,000 dollars in 2013 than you need to check this credit out. It could put money in your pocket if you had taxes withheld at source, if you have a refund coming it could increase it, if you owe taxes it would reduce the amount that you owe by the amount of credit that you qualify for."

Certain income brackets, elderly people and disabled people can qualify for free tax filing help through the IRS of Southern Arizona, United Way or AARP.

The deadline to file is Tuesday April 15th.


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