Apr 7, 2014 8:02 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Investigation into TPD's reaction toward unruly crowds could take months

TUCSON - The college basketball season ends tonight when Kentucky takes on Connecticut in the national championship in North Texas. Meanwhile, a board of inquiry has been formed to investigate the incident at the U of A's Main Gate Square two weeks ago.

Violence broke out between police and unruly crowds following the U of A Wildcats' loss in the "Elite 8" game two Saturday's ago. 15 people were arrested and at least three complaints were filed against police afterward.

Tucson Police put together a group to investigate what took place at Main Gate Square. Their job is to collect and review all of the videos, photos, statements and reports that came out of that night.

The fallout of the skirmish between police in riot gear and crowds has led to questions about how TPD reacted to defiant crowds.

Commanders with TPD were sent out to cities with ties to the Final Four games to observe how local law enforcement worked.

Huge crowds in Lexington, Kentucky, this past weekend led to dozens of arrests and several small fires.
TPD Lt. James Scott was there to witness it all and told News 4 Tucson that the methods used by police in Lexington were very similar to TPD's tactics at Main Gate Square.

One of the three complaints filed against TPD included Sgt. Joel Mann, who is accused of using excessive force when he appeared to shove a girl in a video, which has since gone viral.

The investigation into Mann's actions was handed over to the Department of Public Safety.

TPD expects it to take several months to sort through everything and complete the investigation.


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