Mar 16, 2011 6:00 PM

I-10 traffic backed up for miles after semi truck crash

SIERRA VISTA - The bridge on Interstate 10 at the milepost 297 is closed for traffic. Foot traffic will be allowed across the bridge but no vehicle traffic. This is due to the damage the bridge sustained in an early morning fire.

For much of the afternoon traffic was backed up for more than six miles. Dennis Hall has a winter home in the area and says it's common to see accidents on this stretch of highway. He blames the high number of Semi-Trucks, "if you're going one or two miles per hour slower than they are, they'll pull right out in front of you." Said Hall.

The inside lane of eastbound I-10 finally re-opened for traffic late Wednesday afternoon.

The outside lane of traffic will remain closed. ADOT tells News 4 the speed limit on I-10 through this area will be reduced to 55 MPH until they can determine if the overpass is safe.

ADOT has no estimate on how long that will take.


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