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Dec 22, 2012 12:46 AM by Nathan O'Neal

Holiday travelers arriving at T.I.A. cope with busy airports

TUCSON - Holiday travelers are facing one of the busiest days of the year as passengers make their way through the countries airports.

While there were a few delays at Tucson International Airport, most of the issues stemmed from problems at other airports.

The Air Transportation Association expects 43 million people to travel by air this holiday season, making for long lines, delayed flights and headaches.

"I went from Los Angeles to Detroit to go pick up my niece then we went to Minneapolis and now finally in Tucson about 12 hours later," said Donelle Jordan as she picked up her baggage at Tucson International Airport.

"I got to the into the airport in L.A. About 12:30 last it was packed. Tons of people. Just a long trip...we were delayed in Minneapolis but we're finally here with family," Jordan said.

Brothers Joseph and Jay Walker flew in separately from Minneapolis and Pittsburge to meet their parents for the holiday, taking advantage of Tucson's added bonus: the weather.

"I'm coming from really cold weather so this is really nice, I'm actually kind of hot," Joseph Walker said as he and his brother waited for their parents' arrival.

Nancy Fuller flew in with her family from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to spend the holidays with family here in Tucson, just escaping the clutch of a winter storm.

"There were lots of cancels from the midwest from the day before from the snow we missed that part...we're happy about that too," Fuller said.


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