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Jun 19, 2012 9:39 PM

High temps mean busy days for AC repair crews

TUCSON - It's another hot one out there and most people are cranking up the air conditioning; if it's working.

AC repair companies are working practically non-stop on repairs, installs, and maintenance checks.

For most people, in this intense sun, and temps in the triple digits, going without AC isn't an option.

Mary Dykes said, "Around here with this kind of climate you could not go without it. I would think you could be comfortable." Her friend Janet Dawson said, "I've enjoyed having the AC so I don't know what I'd do without it."

Dawson might not know what it's like, but a lot of others have found out the hard way when their units went out and that has repair crews busy going from one job to the next.

Vincent Chavez works for Rite Way Heating and Cooling. He said, "We usually go from about 10 hour days to 18 plus hour days."

And it's not exactly easy work, especially when they have to go into the attic.

Chavez said, "We've had a few guys that when you're up in that 120 plus degree attic your body just shuts down on you. We've had to send in the search and rescue team to pull him out."

He said it's worth it for reactions like the one Dykes had when she got her new unit put in. She said, "I was like O wooooo yea!"

But both repair guys and customers said it's a lot better to never have that feeling at all. Preventive maintenance is a lot less hassle. It's cheaper too, especially when you do it yourself.

Chavez said, "If they have washables I usually tell them in the summer time if they are running it all day and night to wash it or at least inspect it at least once a month."

It's simple stuff that can make a big difference. Chavez said, "It can help with efficiency for one. The better it operates, the longer it will operate for you."


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