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Oct 21, 2012 9:33 PM by Erika Flores

Helldorado Days Parade in Tombstone honors Sheriff Larry Dever's memory

TOMBSTONE-The Helldorado Days parade this year was a very special one held in memory of Sheriff Larry Dever.

Many participated for the first time to pay tribute.

Helldorado Days is a Tombstone celebration that started as the town's 50th anniversary in 1929.

It wouldn't be complete without the horses.

And as they clicked their heels on the pavement, riders remembered the sheriff who dedicated over 30 years of his life to Cochise County.

"A gentleman and a great sheriff," said Paul Geller.

Sheriff Dever was killed in a rollover accident in September and made a big impression on this cowboy.

"I met him actually after the shooting down here a couple of years back. He was going to the ranches interviewing people to see if we saw anything or knew anything about the cartels coming across the property," said Geller.

Mahlon McKinsey decided to join this annual parade for the first time to honor the sheriff.

"He had true values for this area and he was certainly good about letting people know what needed to be done out here," said McKinsey.

Sheriff Dever was known for his "tough" stance on combating illegal immigration.

In Tombstone, there were plenty of fans of the Old West also paying their respect to the sheriff.

"It's a tribute to the West," said Becky Wadell.

Something they hope a cowboy like Sheriff Dever would appreciate.


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