Jan 10, 2014 1:20 PM

Plane crashes into Pacific, this man takes a selfie

In the era of the selfie, this one is certainly epic.

Check out these photos taken by Ferdinand Puentes. Puentes was trying to fly to Honolulu in a single-engine Cessna when it suddenly lost power and crashed into the ocean.

Puentes took photos of the crash with his GoPro:

Puentes told KHON-TV that his inflatable life jacket wasn't doing enough to keep him alfoat so he grabbed a seat cushion.

There were a total of 9 passengers on board when the plane crashed. All but one survived.

Here's a map of where the plane crashed, according to

The official report states:

The pilot stated that shortly after takeoff, a loud bang was heard and there was a total loss of power. After a short glide, he performed an open ocean ditching. The airplane floated for approximately 25 minutes and then sank. All the passengers put on their life preservers and exited the airplane. US Coast Guard and Maui Fire and Rescue personnel recovered the passengers approximately 80 minutes later.


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