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Mar 24, 2014 1:56 AM by Lupita Murillo

Habitual runaway teen being used for sex and drugs?

TUCSON - After being gone more than a month Brianna Kreamer was tracked down by a private investigator and her parents to an east side apartment. Once Leanne and Chris Cynowa knew their daughter was there for sure they contacted Tucson Police to get her out.
"We have been to so many terrible places looking for her."

This is the third time Brianna has left home. Her parents say this is the first time she was forced into a car by adults who have taken her in before. Adults, the parents say who are using Brianna. Her stepfather Chris Cynow, "she is hanging around people that do drugs." Her mother says, "she is having sex with adults."

Even more frightening to the Cynowa's their daughter isn't the only one. They've been in contact with other victims. One of them, "The adults sucked her in at about 15 or 16 and got her into the sex and drugs and drinking and then utilized her to pull in other girls."

After learning this and getting information that Brianna uses the bus system, they had flyers printed out with her picture and handed them out at the Ronstadt Transit Center downtown.
Cj Scheidegger is a private investigator helping them find Brianna. He knows each time the girl has run away she hooks up with another 15 year old girl.

As people look at the flyer, some recognize the girls. Each sighting is a step closer to finding Brianna.

Brianna is the oldest of five children. The last time she ran away she was gone for four months. She was listed Missing on the website for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Her parents found her with the help of another private investigator and brought her back in August.

While she was home her parents say she was thriving at an alternative high school. "She was passing high school credits by the week." "She was on the path to graduate by her 17th birthday."

So why does Brianna keep running away? Leanne believes her illness has been difficult for Brianna to deal with. She has an auto immune neurological condition. "I can be completely fine, and then I am in excruciating pain."

The family has also been thru extensive therapy and counseling. "Three to five days a week up to 21 hours a week. So if there's something terrible going on at home I'm sure they would be on to it."

The family took to facebook, posted flyers, worked with a private investigator and their efforts paid off. Their prayers were answered.

As Brianna was led away by police she had a moment with her parents. "All she could say was I'm sorry."

Brianna was released to her parents custody and they immediately took her to an out of town residential treatment facility where she's getting the help she needs. If you have a story email


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